RYAN STANTON Lead singer, main songwriter, rythm & lead guitars


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Individual Bio:  Suppose I was born into music. My dad was always playing in bands throughout my earlier years, and I got used to various musicians and instruments entering the family home. I simply couldnt help but be inspired by the atmosphere. My dad taught me the basics on guitar when I was about &years old and mixed with a few lessons I really got to grips with it. Like most young boys, at the age of 10 I wanted to be a footballer and had a little phase of putting the guitar down and imagining myself scoring a hat-trick for Arsenal in the FA cup final......... there was only one problem, I couldnt play to save my life - my younger sister could control the ball better than me, so I had to take off the studs and focus on something that I knew I had a real passion for - music!

My dads always been a great bassist, and when I was approaching 15 I wanted to be like him, so I got a lovely blue Ibanez bass for my birthday and played it as much as possible. My first band was a very tight 7 piece soul-covers band called Split Decision, then I went to play in a cool originals band called 'coValent'. I really enjoyed that band, we had a female vocalist and the two of us would co-write most of the songs. I felt like we had something to give but unfortunately it wasnt to be.

So it was 2008 and I was suddenly without a band. Throughout 'coValent' I was writing a lot of songs on the side (such as: No-One Like Me, Miracle to Me and Dancefloor Hero etc) and decided to become a frontman/lead vocalist/guitarist. My dad was retiring from gigging, and what better honour was it for me than to bag a gig supporting TooRex at the Towngate Theatre, Basildon for my dads last show! That was an amazing first gig as a soloist, I had a good band behind me and although they were happy being the musicians for my solo project, I felt like it should have a band name, as aposed to 'Ryan Stanton', so we became The Peppermint Apes, my dad became our personal manager (as he had over 30 years of experience to give us), and over the years The Peppermint Apes have had some amazing hight!

Touring America, appearing on TV shows (such as Fox TV) touring Europe, playing the famous Cavern, playing festivals with big artists such as, Razorlight, Scouting for Girls, The Hoosiers, getting to the final of Live & Unsigned (10,000 acts took part around the UK, we got to the final where only 66 acts were lucky enough to do so, and we also won an award for Best Original Song for a song I wrote called Poor Little Rich Girl. Plus we have gained loads of contacts and fans along the way :D

Its been an amazing journey for me and everyone involved with the Apes and now its time to branch out and put the music at the top of the agenda Ryan S is born!  - lets see what happens after another 4/5 years :D

The journey has really only just begun................Bring it on :D

LEWIS HOOKINGS Lead guitars, songwriter, backing vocals

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Hi I’m Lewis! I am 22 years old and thrilled to be part of the apes in what will be my 2nd stint in the band. I’ve always loved being a part of this band as well as having a fantastic working partnership with Ryan, so it was a no-brainer when I was asked to re-join the band. Since my last time with the guys I was able to achieve a grade 8 on the guitar, as well as completing my music degree, which I am very proud of. I have been playing guitar now for 9 years and have a large range of influences. Primarily I consider myself a blues influenced player with guitarists such as John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, Slash, Jimmy Page and Eric Johnson as some of my all time favourites. However I am also a big fan of jazz and Jazz Fusion players such as Guthrie Govan, Alex Hutchings, Wes Montgomery, Pat Metheny and Martin Taylor. I like to think all these diverse influences help me contribute to the writing recording and performing aspect of the band. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this band and I can’t wait to get started and hopefully see you all at a gig soon! 

SAM EDWARDS Bass & Backing vocals Individual Sites : Facebook & Twitter

Individual Bio : .
Hey, Im Sam!  I sing and play Bass in The Peppermint Apes.  Ive known both Lewis since, well before I can remember, we played in many bands together growing up so it feels really good to be in a band with them once again.  When I was younger, my parents got me a keyboard for my 10th Birthday, I used to play it everyday - and when I say play it, I mean play the melody line from "Ode to Joy" over and over until my parents got sick of it haha. But that's really when I started to discover music anyway. At the time, I was listening to Pop bands such as Busted & McFly. But as the years went by, my music tastes evolved into a more Rock-driven genre.
I have Lewis to thank for encouraging me to pick up and learn the guitar. I remember in one lunchbreak at school, he tried teaching me a few basic chords on guitar, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to take up lessons. The first guitar I got was a Black & White Strat copy (whose isn't) that instead of having a brand name like "Fender" or "Squier" written on the headstock, had the name of the website I got it from haha. That's how classy we're talking here! But it was good, and it served me well for about 2 years, until I upgraded to the real deal. The sorts of bands Ive been in over the years range from Pop Rock to Punk and even Metal, and I've also played a variety of instruments including Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keys!  Throughout all of these styles I find that I'm very into rythm driven songs that have catchy hooks, the kind that make you hum the song all day long!  Thats why I centred around playing Bass or Rythm in any kind of musical opportunity that comes my way! :D

JOSH SMITH Drums, Percussion, Backing vocals

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Individual Bio: Hi all! My name is Josh and I'm the drummer with the band! Ive been a drummer for as long as I can remember and a guitarist and singer since I was 11.  I was taught by my Dad at a young age after he discovered I had an ear for music, and I quickly found out that the drums were my instrument!  At the age of 11 i joined my first band and played up and down the country, that band fell through but along with the lead guitarist I moved onto another band that became quite popular, enough for us to start making an income for ourselves!  Eventually that band came to an end and unfortunately I was without a band for quite a while.  One day my Dad called me and told me that the 'Apes' were looking for a drummer.  I called Ryan straight away, organised an audition and immediately got the job! The rest as they say is history!  Ive had a great time with the band and some great times to come and I look forward to it immensely!


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